Dr. Shanwen Gao Launches New Website for 2016

Since 2005 Dr. Gao has been running a practice in the Denver area called the Chinese Acupuncture Clinic. This year she decided to launch a new website to help serve her existing customers better and help others discover her great services.

Dr. Gao has treated many satisfied patients over the years and develops a special one-on-one service that is hard to find in other acupuncture clinics. Unfortunately in the past many patients were not able to tap into social media or other content from her practice, it also was difficult to find her online in business listings or general searches. Starting this spring Dr. Gao will be providing useful tools, articles and information from the platform of Facebook and the new site. Soon you will be able to find the Chinese Acupuncture Clinic on multiple business listings around the web so in a pinch a quick search will get you the contact information you need. You can also go the site which is as easy as www dot Acupuncture-ABC!

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