The Chinese Acupuncture Clinic with Dr. Shanwen Gao has treated many satisfied patients over the years. Here is testimony from past patients on her level of service for all types of medical conditions.


“I had a case of shingles which caused inflammation of the head and face. It also resulted in double vision. I began treatment with Dr. Gao which resulted in a dramatic reduction of inflammation and a return of normal vision. Dr. Gao was terrific!”
Bruce May 25, 2016

Dupytren Contracture:

“I have an inflammation in my right palm. Western medicine calls it dupytren contracture. The needle therapy that I received from Dr. Gao has accelerated the healing process. In less than 1 year, my hand shows noticeable improvement: less inflammation, less tightness of the inflamed tendons. I was (also) taking an anti-depressant which I had taken for many years; I was still anxious and depressed. I began drinking her (Dr. Gao) herb teas. My anxiety and depression went away. I have been chemical free for 1 year. I have no hesitation in recommending Dr. Gao’s services.”
Mike March 12th, 2015

Digestive diseases:

“I saw traditional medical professionals for years to help improve my multiple digestive health issues. Eventually I contacted Shanwen and after my first visit with her I could feel an improvement. Through the years, she has used acupuncture, herbal tea decoctions and moxibustion as treatments to help address my digestive system and my energy level. I count myself truly blessed to have her knowledge and the power of acupuncture in my life today.”
Jenna March 15th, 2015

TMJ& headache

“Dr. Gao has helped me tremendously. If it hadn’t been for her, I don’t know how I would have dealt with my TMJ. Acupuncture and the herbal teas have gotten rid of my headaches and acid reflux as well as my eczema. Overall the treatments provided by her have helped greatly improve the quality of my life. I strongly recommend Dr. Gao: she has extensive knowledge of Eastern medicine and her strength and vivacity are inspirational.”
Tunde March 20, 2015


“Dr. Gao has helped me to resolve chronic migraines and stomach problems. Her treatments are a vital part of my healthcare regimen. Her holistic approach even helps with complaints like colds, sore muscles, stress relief, and acne. She has a keen eye, she listens attentively, and she asks good questions to accurately determine what you need. I am deeply grateful to be a patient because of how greatly the quality of my life has benefited from her services.”
Nolita March 15th, 2015

Colds and tendonitis

“I had engaged Dr. Gao’s services due to an assortment of seemingly unrelated issues; tendonitis, numerous Colds and other matters. A year and a half later and still not one cold, tendonitis is gone and other issues have stabilized. I am extremely pleased with her treatment.”
Rich March 17th, 2015

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