Hope and Relief Through Acupuncture

Many of us suffer from chronic pain and very difficult situations. Traditional Chinese Medicine offers us hope and keeps us moving towards a better future. TCM takes your whole body and mind into account as everything is connected.

One of our patients remembers when he was young and first heard of TCM acupuncture treatment. A friend was suffering from cancer and was in great pain. This friend named Kathleen Gill was respected as an author and explored the wilds of the entire East Coast along the Appalachian Trail, however despite eating healthy and engaging in regular exercise she suffered from cancer in her 60s. For her symptoms there was nothing that her western medicine doctors could do, so they referred her to a local acupuncturist for the pain treatment. For years she depended on TCM to reliably control her pain and bring her to a balanced and peaceful state. Our patient never forgets that story of how treatments developed over thousands of years could fill in where western medicine could not help.

Dr. Shanwen Gao has been a trusted partner for many patients for years. She has helped many cancer patients with their symptoms. For those who want to thrive and get better Dr. Gao’s Chinese Acupuncture Clinic has all the things you need to revitalize hope and restore your inner balance.

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